Silver Spoon


Founded in 2000, Silver Spoon Pvt Ltd is a privately held firm that manages several different business ventures under its vast umbrella. From the Manhattan Business Hotel, Unique Seafood, and Silver Catering, to award-winning franchise outlets for Manhattan Fish Market, the company has been uniquely positioned to create new career opportunities for both locals and foreigners. Silver Spoon Pvt Ltd endeavours to cater to the growing appetite of Maldivians for luxury living, and specialized local and Western cuisine.


Manhattan Business Hotel: Located in Malé City, Manhattan Business Hotel offers a convenient and comfortable stay for business travellers. With modern amenities, the hotel offers a range of options for corporate and private events and caters to your every need during your stay. Unique Seafood: Vertically integrated into their ventures, Unique Seafood imports and distributes seafood and fishery products from various countries to wholesalers, retailers, and resorts alike. Silver Catering: Highly adaptable, Silver Catering offers catering and event management services to both corporate and private events. Including but not limited to weddings, corporate functions, workshops, and official gatherings, in and out of their spacious banquet halls. Manhattan Fish Market: Running two award-winning outlets in the Greater Malé Area, the Fish Market offers lip-smacking American-style seafood such as the famous Manhattan Fish ‘N Chips, Flaming Seafood Platter, and even local delights such as the Chilli Boava.