Souvenir Marine


Originally established in 1994 with a few tourist gift shops in Male’, Souvenir Marine Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2004. To facilitate the diversification of the business into the high-speed sea transportation with the expansion of tourist gift shops. Today with 35 speed boats transferring the majority of tourists mainly from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and many more Domestic Airports across Maldives to resorts adhering to brand needs and consistent quality services. They offer clients reliable service on time and throughout the year, at any time of the day with the most experienced boat captains and friendly crew navigating across Maldives.


Souvenir Marine are experts in the sectors of; Speed Boat Transportation Speed Boat Manufacturing, Repair and maintenance We have established ourselves as the leading operator of sea transportation services in the Maldives with

35 Speed Boats and 4 Yachts. Souvenir Marine Boatyard Our in-house marine boatyard based at Thilafushi is always on standby in case of an emergency. Maintenance of the engines as well as the safety measures are checked regularly.