State Electric Company

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) is a 100% State Owned Enterprise (SOE). The company started its operations in the year 1949 with the sole purpose of providing electricity in the Maldives. Even today, STELCO’s main business consist of power generation and distribution of electricity. Throughout the years the company’s operations have expanded, resulting in the company becoming a fully-fledged basic utilities company with the addition of water & sewerage networks to the company’s operations. Currently, STELCO operates 35 powerhouses and 6 water and sewerage networks in the Greater Male Region and majority islands of Kaafu, Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu Atoll.

STELCO provides electricity services to Kaafu Atoll, Alif Alif, Alif Dhaal and Vaavu Atoll. STELCO also operates water and sewerage networks in 6 islands. In addition to utility services, STELCO’s product portfolio include STELCO Sales Centre which retails electrical equipment and peripherals, STELCO Solar Centre which provides solar panel packages and renewable energy solutions, and STELCO MaaTV, one of the largest LED screens in Maldives that run advertisements and public service announcement and the newly launched STELCO Workshop ‘STEWO’ which provides state of the art electrical and engineering solutions. C