State Trading Organization

It was the early 1960’s and the nation’s socioeconomic outlook was not very promising. The need for a central organization to import goods necessary to raise living standards and encourage development in 1864. A fully state-funded business was set up by the Maldivian government with one key mission, to begin with strengthening national food security. The task of the Company then named, Athireemaafannu Trading Account (ATA) was to purchase and import essential food items in bulk to be distributed nationally via local traders and ATA’s retail outlets. STO Group with its subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associates, is a national leader in business


STO Group, with its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates is a national business leader. It has significant and focused interests in petroleum, cooking gas, construction materials (including cement and roofing materials) medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronic and supermarket products and insurance. The Company is geographically diverse with operations and developments through Maldives and operations in Singapore. This has been achieved through direct procurement and distribution as well as effectively trading in areas where it presents greater opportunity.