State Trading Organization

It was the early 1960’s when our population was a mere 100,000, the only airstrip was the one laid by the British RA, and the mode of transport between islands was limited to traditional sailing Dhoni. The only resource available was tuna, and consumers were at the mercy of foreign importers. Even the most basic food items were expensive. The country had no banking service. Development was slow with no available funds for major investments and no commercial industry. That’s when this company was established as Athireemaafannu Trading agency (ATA) with a mission to ensure a sustainable food provision to the whole nation. We have been expanding our business since then while achieving our core mission.

Apart from our core mission to secure a continuous provision of staple foods, we, along with our subsidiary companies, JVs, and affiliates, are currently providing insurance services, construction materials, fuel, cooking gas, medical supplies, fisheries products & services etc. Furthermore, our home improvement products and supermarket products are sold at the regional outlets operated at different regions in the country. Some of our top brands include Hitachi, Makita tools, Kone elevators, Nippon paint etc.