Sunrise Maldives


Sunrise Maldives Private Limited was founded as a ship agency serving ships calling at the ports of Maldives. Over the course of time, we have evolved into full service ship and yacht agency serving different categories of vessels. The core activities of our company include logistics support services, project cargo handling, crewing and manpower supply, specialized cargo logistics and procurement and bunkering services. Our dedicated and professional staff is highly experienced in all aspects of vessel and cargo operations.

Our goals are to provide a comprehensive and professional services to each of our clients. We are committed to provide superior levels of service and efficiency throughout all aspects of our business. It is our objective to make a lasting impression with each of our clients that Sunrise Maldives Private Limited is a superior service provider We pride ourselves on the standard of being the best at what we do.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Sunrise Maldives Private Limited provides handling services for a variety of vessels including cargo ships, yachts navy vessels, research vessels, tramp ships, cruise liners, fishing vessels and military submarines.

Our responsibilities, to say the least, are enormous. Responsibilities included arranging inward/outward clearance, berthing locations, obtain cruising permit, fueling, provisioning, accounting, minor repair and a multitude of other port services.