TEP Construction

Founded in 1995 and initially established as a construction company, TEP has now diversified its business into wholesale and retail of building material and real-estate. TEP Construction undertakes the building of commercial and residential projects from start to end, as well as leasing of modern residential and commercial spaces. With its presence in wholesale and retail of building material, TEPCon Hardware provides quality products ranging from hardware, plumbing, sanitary ware, tiles, flooring, kitchen, building machinery, power tools, outdoor furniture, adhesives, paint, lightweight wooden boards, electrical wiring, and other related products through 5 outlets strategically located in the capital city of Male’, to serve its ever-growing customer base.

Our products and services include residential, commercial & resort construction, project estimates, demolition, and site cleaning service, building maintenance, remodeling, interior design, construction equipment and vehicle rentals, residential and commercial space leasing, wholesale and retail of construction materials and general hardware, home improvement products, and resort supplies. We are the sales agent for renowned product ranges from Sancora, Makita, Maktec, Empolo, Showy, V-Tec Goodsense, Thai pipe and Fittings, and Kedbrook.