Government Assures Integrity in Procurement of Ventilators

The government spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Azeez has stated that ventilators are bought by abiding the financial law of purchasing necessary items in a state of emergency.

Mabrook has revealed the government is planning on purchasing 135 ventilators. The purchase of 50 ventilators has been awarded to a certain company and another 20 is awarded to another company. He further added that the government has not made any payments to these two companies yet.

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He also noted that they have assigned a third company to procure 65 ICU stationary ventilators and 10 portable ventilators with the help of WHO. And the government has already paid 75% of the total payment to this company.

Currently, there are 97 ventilators in Maldives. The government has recently bought 6 new ventilators, out of which 4 ventilators have been specified for the treatment of COVID-19 patients only.

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