Government Commences Disbursing COVID-19 Frontline Allowance

The Maldivian government has commenced disbursing frontline allowance. This was announced for the workers on the frontlines who have been fighting to flatten the curve of the global virus – COVID-19.

Finance Ministry has made an announcement stating that frontline workers will receive the frontline allowanced allocated starting from the 29th of July 2020.

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Finance Ministry states that a total of MVR 2.9 million have been disbursed to 220 workers in the frontline.

This allowance is set for the frontline workers who have been working amid pandemic since the 7th of March till the end of June.

According to the Finance Ministry, upon completion of the data verification, the allowance will be disbursed to numerous deserving frontline workers.

In May, the decision of disbursing a daily allowance between MVR 200 and MVR 500 was previously announced by the Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer.

He mentioned that workers on the frontline who expose themselves to high-risk tasks will be paid a daily allowance of MVR 500. Meanwhile, the workers who engage in medium risk tasks during this period will receive MVR 250, and the workers in low-risk environments will receive MVR 200.

Workers such as politicians, ministers, and others who receive an allowance for the frontline work, are not eligible for the COVID-19 frontline allowance commenced by the finance ministry.

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