Government Dispenses Overdue USD 6.5 Million to Fishermen

The government has decided to disburse USD 6.5 million from pending payments to fishermen, with the scheduled payment set for today.

The Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) expressed gratitude to the fishermen for their patience and cooperation in this matter.

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President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, who initiated the process of releasing overdue payments to fishermen upon assuming office, has overseen the disbursement of more than USD 12.3 million to fishermen since the inception of the current government. The decision reflects the government’s commitment to addressing financial concerns within the fishing industry and ensuring the well-being of those involved.

The payment release is anticipated to provide significant relief to fishermen, contributing to the overall economic stability of the sector. MIFCO, in acknowledging the fishermen’s patience, highlights the collaborative efforts between the government and the fishing community to enhance the industry’s sustainability.

The disbursement aligns with President Muizzu’s ongoing efforts to streamline financial processes and uphold transparency in governance.

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