Government Encourages Home Farming, Assists Via Twitter

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to restrictions in international trade and travel. Maldive’s main source of the tourism industry has come to a halt due to this. This has caused a huge toll on the economy. To survive during this time many are opting for farming. As the Maldives is very much dependant on imports, this has been a step forward to us being more self-sufficient.

The government also encourages the public to invest their money and time on farming and they have taken several measures to assist the public to do so.

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Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resource, and Agriculture has been providing information on farming through twitter and other digital platforms. They have circulating videos on the common obstacles in farming and tips on farming. Recently, the ministry has released a video on problems farmers face when farming papaya, cabbage, chili, and banana.

Agriculture Minister has highlighted the importance of councils working with the public to assist them in farming.

Councils have been providing lands to those interested in farming.

To further motivate farmers and for extensive marketing of their products, state-owned company STO is preparing to open an agri-center.

The government has been encouraging more people to invest their time and money in farming. This will make the country more self-sufficient, and a source of income to many who has lost their jobs to the pandemic.

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