Announcement for Passengers Set to Travel on Qatar Airways Flight QR 675

Tourism Ministry has asked the passengers traveling via Qatar Airways flight QR 675 to check-in with the Ministry.

In a circular released by the Tourism Ministry, all those booked to travel on Qatar Airways flight QR 675 from Male’ on Tuesday, 21 April, are required to submit their details (especially mode of transfer to airport) to All travelers are required to submit these details before 20th April, 23:59hrs.

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The Ministry informs that these details are required to facilitate authorization of travel to the airport.

The Maldives Police Service will permit vessels/ vehicles carrying passengers with confirmed tickets from their respective locations to the airport.

Ministry further requests all resorts, guesthouses and island councils to cooperate with the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourist Police to extend all the necessary assistance to the passengers in reaching the airport.

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