Government Provides Operational Permit to 95 Safari Boats

The government of Maldives has provided operational permits to 95 safari boats which offer services to tourists visiting the Maldives.

With the re-opening of the border in July 15, the Maldivian government has commenced issuing operational permits to Safaris. However, this is a special permit provided by the Ministry of Tourism.

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According to the Ministry, permission has now been given to Safaris that will commence its services in September and October. The Boating Association of Maldives has urged the crews and tourists who visit Safaris not to travel inhabited islands.

At the same time, Health Protection Agency (HPA) too has urged the tourists to refrain from visiting islands and resorts. If tourists visiting safaris require PCR testing, they shall visit the testing facility in Hulhumale’ instead of obtai8ning the service from Islands.

As stated by the Boating Association, pre-booking can be done for tourists who wish to visit the PCR testing facility in Hulhumale’.

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