Government Publishes the Findings of the Education Sector Research Group

The President’s Office on Monday published the findings of the Education Sector Research Group constituted by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to identify issues facing teachers in the education sector. A copy of the report, titled “Edhurunge Fahnu: Gonjehun thakaai hushahelhunthah,” is published on the official website of the President’s Office.

The President, speaking at the 2019 A-Level Top Achievers awards ceremony, announced his decision to constitute a research group to determine the current state of the country’s education sector and identify the reasons behind a lack of interest in pursuing and continuing careers in the sector. The six-member research group, constituted on October 31, 2021, was also tasked with examining the obstacles facing teachers and other education sector staff. The research group’s findings would significantly contribute to addressing the education sector’s pertinent issues.

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The research group presented their findings to President Solih on March 9, 2022, after which the administration launched efforts to address the recommendations. The report outlined low wages, high workload, shortage of adequate resources, and lack of measures to protect teachers’ rights as some of the reasons why they leave the profession. The report also made 17 recommendations on how to address these issues.

President Solih unveiled on May 1, 2022, a new and improved salary structure with significant increments to the wages of teachers and other education sector staff.

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