Government Revenue Stands at MVR 7 Billion So Far in 2021

The latest statistics by the Finance Ministry reveal that the government revenue is currently at MVR 7 billion so far this year.  Meanwhile, the state expenditure for 2021 stood at MVR 9.4 billion. 

The statistics show 78 percent of the state earnings were earned through taxes, while 22 percent were from other sources. The state earned MVR 1.1 billion as Business and Property Tax while MVR 2.1 billion was received as GST. 

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Resort lease payments of MVR 538 million were received by the state as sources of income apart from taxes, while MVR 103 million was received as fines. Airport Development Fees of MVR 139 million were also earned by the state. 

State expenditure was spent primarily on wages and remunerations, around MVR 3.4 billion. The current expenditure of the state stood at MVR 3.49 billion.

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