Government to Initiate Comprehensive Development on Vilimale’

In a recent announcement, Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel declared a commitment by the current government to initiate comprehensive development on Vilimale’. 

Expressing criticism towards past administrations, the minister highlighted their failure to prioritize the progress of Vilimalé, the neighbouring village island of Malé City. These remarks were made during a ceremony on January 1, 2024, marking the inauguration of sea ambulance services between Malé City and Vilimalé.

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While unveiling the new transportation service, Dr. Khaleel assured the public that this was just the beginning of the government’s efforts for Vilimalé. He promised forthcoming changes to the ambulances and services, aiming for an overall enhancement.

“We are currently in the design phase of the 100-bed tertiary hospital, and the people of Vilimalé will witness these promises turning into reality without much delay,” the minister affirmed.

Addressing Vilimalé residents directly, he assured them that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s government is determined to eradicate the historical negligence towards Vilimalé.

Minister Dr. Khaleel further pledged to continue the government’s focus on health sector development in alignment with established policies. He emphasized the importance of consistent efforts to enhance health services and requested public support.

“The cabinet ministers are dedicated to serving the public tirelessly, and we urge the public to actively participate. Our efforts, no matter how strong, can only be effective with the involvement of the public,” he emphasized. The minister encouraged the public to communicate their needs, emphasizing that this collaboration would streamline government processes.

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