Gov’t Delays Housing Allocation Following ACC Directive

Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed has announced government efforts to establish a waiting list to address housing needs. 

At a Parliament’s Petitions Committee meeting, Minister Dr Haidar stated that 7,000 complaints had been submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) regarding the allocation of 4,000 flats. The ACC directed the former Housing Ministry to halt further allocations on November 16.

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The allocation process has been delayed upon ACC’s insistence. Minister Dr Haidar mentioned that the ACC will investigate the complaints and address the issues outlined in the directive. The government has not decided to cancel the existing list and initiate the compilation of a new one.

Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed questioned the government’s housing policy, highlighting public difficulties in housing projects under successive administrations. Minister Dr Haidar responded that the government’s housing policy aims to create a green environment for people. He clarified the government’s intention to continue compiling a housing waiting list based on individual circumstances rather than through the housing portal application process.

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