Gov’t Extends Lease Period for Uninhabited Islands

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has announced a significant extension to the lease period for uninhabited islands allocated to local councils for public use. The initial duration of 10 years will be increased to 25 years, with the potential for further extension up to 50 years.

The President emphasized the change is intended to encourage greater investment in the development of these islands. He also reassured councils that additional opportunities to acquire uninhabited islands would be available in the future, with the aim of ensuring that every inhabited island has access to an uninhabited island for community benefit.

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President Muizzu highlighted that the government will take steps to streamline the allocation process, ensuring that islands designated for this scheme are not already assigned to other entities or involved in legal disputes.

Under new regulations, councils and private parties can lease uninhabited islands to conduct various activities designed to benefit the public. These activities include agriculture, food production, aquaculture, boat building, workshops, tourism-related services, and the preparation of light food items.

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