Gov’t Issues Safety Directives to the Construction Industry Amidst Adverse Weather

In response to the ongoing adverse weather conditions, the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure has mandated all construction sites across the Maldives to implement stringent safety measures. This directive aims to mitigate the risks posed by strong winds and heavy rainfall, and to prevent mosquito breeding in stagnant water.

The Ministry issued two separate press releases addressing the necessary precautions for construction sites. These measures are essential to prevent incidents related to construction materials being dislodged by strong winds.

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The Ministry emphasised the importance of securing all materials at construction sites, particularly those where operations have been paused. “If materials used in construction sites, which have paused operations, are in a state where they may blow away due to strong winds, we notify [respective parties] to reinforce such materials carefully and take all necessary safety measures,” one statement read. This precautionary step is critical to avoid accidents and damage that could be caused by flying debris.

The second press release highlighted the need to address potential mosquito breeding grounds at construction sites. The Ministry warned that the rainy season creates optimal conditions for dengue-carrying mosquitoes if stagnant water is allowed to accumulate. “Construction sites are advised to prioritise cleaning and clearing out mosquito breeding grounds,” the Ministry stated. This directive aims to reduce the risk of dengue outbreaks by ensuring that construction sites do not contribute to the proliferation of mosquitoes.

These notices follow an incident last Friday evening, where scaffolding surrounding Apollo Towers in Hulhumale’ Phase 1 was blown over by the wind. This event underscores the urgency and importance of the Ministry’s directives to enhance safety protocols at construction sites.

The Maldives is currently experiencing the rainy monsoon season, ‘Hulhan’gu’ (southwest monsoon), which typically lasts from May until November. During this period, construction sites are particularly vulnerable to weather-related hazards.

Construction industry stakeholders are urged to comply with these safety measures promptly. Ensuring the secure storage of materials and maintaining clean sites to prevent mosquito breeding are essential steps to safeguard workers and the public.

The Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure continues to monitor the situation and will provide further guidance as necessary. By taking proactive measures, the construction industry can mitigate the risks associated with the monsoon season and maintain safety standards across all sites.

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