Gov’t Launches Online Platform for Reporting Aviation Safety Violations

The Maldivian government has launched a new digital platform designed to enhance aviation safety. The Aviation Security Confidential Reporting System, created by the Directorate of Aviation Security Administration (DASA) under the Ministry of Defence, allows for the reporting of air traffic rule violations.

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In a circular issued today, the Ministry of Defence highlighted the platform as part of ongoing efforts to maintain the safety of civil aviation within the Maldives. The circular states the system welcomes reports concerning incidents at airports or on flights that may negatively impact air traffic safety.

Aviation workers, passengers, and members of the general public are encouraged to use the platform if they observe any irregularities. The circular, distributed to all aviation-related agencies across the country last week, assures potential reporters that the platform is designed to protect their anonymity, ensuring details of the individual reporting any issue remain confidential.

The Aviation Security Confidential Reporting System has been operational and publicly accessible since last Tuesday.

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