Gov’t Plans 1,000 More Housing Units in Kulhudhuffushi

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has authorized the construction of an extra 1,000 residential units in Kulhudhuffushi City.

Construction work is currently in progress for 400 housing units in Kulhudhuffushi. Initially, the government intended to construct 224 units but expanded the project to 400 teams in response to a request from the council.

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In an interview, Mayor Mohamed Athif of Kulhudhuffushi City emphasized that the ongoing project is insufficient to address the housing problem. Consequently, he disclosed that President Solih recently gave the council the green light’s proposal for an additional 1,000 housing units. He expressed optimism that a contractor would be selected for the project by September, underscoring that constructing 1,400 housing units would effectively address the housing crisis.

In 2022, the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure awarded the contract to develop 400 housing units in Kulhudhuffushi. The project was entrusted to the joint venture of Donbez Private Limited and the 23rd Metallurgical Construction Group Co. Limited. The joint venture is tasked with completing the project within 540 days at a cost of USD 29 million.

The foundation work for the project commenced in May this year. It encompasses the construction of five apartment buildings, each containing 400 housing units measuring 1,000 sqft each. Each housing unit will comprise three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one sitting room, along with a kitchen, laundry room, and storeroom. The ground floor of the buildings will be allocated for commercial use, with the surrounding area to be developed to include a courtyard and parking facilities.

Kulhudhuffushi is the most populous island in the northern region, with a population exceeding 9,000. The city grapples with a severe housing shortage, with over 1,200 residents needing housing, resulting in many families having to share accommodations.

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