Gov’t Seeks Foreign Consultant for Rasmale Project

The government of the Maldives is seeking a foreign consultant to provide expertise in the ongoing development of the Rasmale project, a significant initiative to address the nation’s housing challenges. This announcement was made by the Minister of Housing, Land, and Urban Development, Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed.

The Rasmale project, a key pledge under President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s administration, is designed to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious urban solution. Minister Dr Haidar Ahmed emphasised the project’s large scale and the need for specialist international support to ensure its success.

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Land reclamation for Rasmale, the largest project of its kind in the Maldives, began in December 2023 and spans 1,153 hectares. The government has already initiated the provision of essential services and utilities, which include water, sewerage and electricity systems.

The government intends to construct 65,000 housing units in Rasmale, with an agreement already signed with China for the development of 30,000 of them.

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