Gov’t Seeks Funding with MVR 2.6 Billion in T-Bills

In a move to secure funding for government expenditure, the Ministry of Finance has announced the sale of T-bills worth MVR 2.6 billion. The short-term securities offer a mix of repayment periods and interest rates.

The T-bill offering includes:

  • MVR 620 million with a 27-day repayment period
  • MVR 693 million with a 97-day repayment period
  • MVR 1 billion with a 181-day repayment period
  • MVR 300 million with a 363-day repayment period
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Interest rates on these T-bills range between 3.50% and 4.60%, providing investors with varying levels of potential returns.

The government anticipates the purchase of these T-bills from a mix of sources, including the national pension fund, banks (both government-owned and private), and other private companies.

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