Gov’t to Monitor Food Prices During Ramadan

The Maldives government has pledged to keep food prices affordable in the lead-up to Ramadan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has created a list of staple food items and is working in collaboration with the State Trading Organization (STO) to maintain availability and control prices in the market.

STO Managing Director Shimad Ibrahim Mohamed confirmed that prices of commonly used Ramadan food items are under regular monitoring. This assurance comes alongside the President’s commitment to ensure the availability of essential foods at lower costs during the holy month.

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In preparation for Ramadan, STO has taken the initiative to import enough shipments of onions, eggs, and garlic to meet the anticipated increase in demand.

Shimad stated that these items are already on the market and price monitoring is in place to prevent inflation. Additionally, STO’s recent import of lemons has led to a decrease in lemon prices within the Maldivian market.

“Onions, garlic, and eggs will be available at cheap prices. Lemons, carrots, and some other vegetables will also be brought in,” said STO MD Shimad.

The government is further supporting affordability by distributing 10kg bags of rice and flour to every household. These supplies have been imported and delivered to distribution locations across the country.

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