Gov’t Withdraws Tour Operator Bill

The Maldives government has withdrawn a proposed bill that would have mandated licensing requirements for tour operators providing services within the country.

Initially submitted by PNC MP Hassan Zareer on behalf of the government, the bill’s first reading took place on the 12th of this month. However, due to a lack of quorum, further consideration of the bill was stalled.

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The government formally withdrew the bill yesterday, exercising its right according to Article 92(h) of the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

The proposed legislation aimed to establish a legal framework for regulating tourism-related tour planning services. It outlined licensing procedures and standards, stipulating that only licensed individuals would be permitted to offer such services. The bill also details the conditions and classifications for licenses.

Minority Leader and Funadhoo MP Moosa Siraj indicated that the withdrawal was intended to allow for further amendments to the bill before resubmission.

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