Green Tax Revenue Surpasses MVR 773 Million in Current Fiscal Period

The government has collected MVR 773 million in Green Tax revenue within the current fiscal year. According to the Finance Ministry, there has been an upturn in Green Tax earnings this year compared to the previous year, which yielded MVR 767 million during the corresponding period.

Projections indicate that the government is poised to garner over MVR 1 billion from Green Tax this year. With MVR 773 million already collected in the present year, approximately 74% of the anticipated Green Tax revenue has been realised.

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Green Tax, introduced in October 2016, serves as a financial resource for various environmental undertakings in the Maldives, including enhancements to water and sewerage systems, advancements in waste management, and activities designed to safeguard the nation’s coastlines. 

This tax applies to tourist resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and liveaboards.

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