Growth in arrivals from U.S. is due to enhanced online marketing strategies: MMPRC

Tourists arriving from the U.S. have been increasing due to more concrete online marketing techniques, according to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

In an interview with Avas, Acting Managing Director of MMPRC Mr Haris Mohamed said that since 2015 MMPRC focused especially on online marketing and that the outcome can be seen today.  As a result, the travellers from the U.S. have increased he added.

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“As per statistics, news and posts about the Maldives are most viewed online by U.S. people. Therefore, they are the ones who are checking the positive and negative posts about the Maldives. Hence, when online campaigns were enhanced their interest in the Maldives also amplified” Hairs stated.

In addition, he also highlighted that the flight connections between U.S. and Maldives are not so convenient as of now. Tourists from the U.S. have to make at least one stopover en route their journey to the Maldives. Mr Haris said that the improvement of U.S. market even with this kind of travel connection is an achievement for the Maldives tourism. He also mentioned that things will get better for U.S. tourists once the airport development is completed and better flight connections are introduced.

In November 2017 tourism statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism Maldives, it was recorded that 34411 tourists have arrived from the U.S. in 2017 so far. This amount is a 20.1% increase compared to the 28651 tourists that arrived in the same duration of 2016. In November alone 3961 arrivals from the U.S. was recorded

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