Gulf Cobla is preparing for the land reclamation of Faresmaathodaa Airport

Gulf Cobla is on their latest preparations for the Land Reclamation project for the airport of Gdh. Faresmaathodaa.

Even though Gulf Cobla is developing the airport, MTCC is providing the accessories which will be needed for the land reclamation. USD 2.5 million will be spent to reclaim land for the airport, level the land and protect the coast. Gulf Cobla has been contracted to complete the work within three months. An area of 18 hectors of land will be recovered for the development of the airport.

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Lan reclamation project will be done using the MTCC’s Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, “Mahaa Jarraaf”, which will have the capacity of land reclamation of 1 hector within 14 days.

The airport at Faresmaathodaa will have a 1.2-kilometer runway, Apron and a passenger terminal. This is the 4th airport that government is developing in Gdh. Atoll.

The government states that Gdh. Faresmaathodaa airport is a USD 4 million project which is developing by the government of the Maldives which makes easier for the traveling of locals in the atoll as well as will be benefited through the tourism sector.


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