Haa Dhaalu Regional Office of Fenaka Abolished

Photo : Fenaka

With regards to the decision made in abolishing the regional offices and departments of Fenaka Corporation Limited, their regional office in Haa Dhaalu has also been eradicated. The company had made the announcement regarding the abolition of its regional offices in February 2019.

The regional office for Haa Dhaalu is located in Kulhudhuffushi of Haa Dhaalu Atoll. In addition to the regional office, Kulhudhuffushi also houses the Fenaka branch for the atoll. However, the agreement only eradicated the regional office. As each atoll already had a branch, the additional regional offices were making their services slower and causing difficulties in monitoring as per Fenaka.

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The reason for eradicating the regional offices is due to the poor financial status of the company and to recover from all hardships caused by their financial difficulties according to a circular released by Fenaka.

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