Hanimaadhoo Airport’s New Runway Set to Open

The Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL) has announced the imminent opening of the new runway at Hanimaadhoo Airport, which is scheduled for Sunday. This development is a significant milestone in the airport’s expansion project.

As of November last year, 1.2 km of the new runway was completed and integrated with the existing infrastructure. Hanimaadhoo Airport, currently operating with a 600-metre runway, will see a major transformation once the expansion project is fully completed. The project envisions a 2.7 km runway, substantially enhancing the airport’s capacity.

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The decision to commence partial use of the new runway is a strategic move to ensure that the airport’s operations remain uninterrupted during the ongoing expansion work.

Key details of the project include:

  • Funding of USD 136 million (MVR 2 billion) from the Exim Bank of India.
  • The upgraded airport is expected to serve up to 1.3 million passengers annually.
  • It will accommodate larger aircraft such as the A320 and Boeing 737.

In addition to the runway, the expansion project encompasses the construction of a new air traffic control building, a cargo facility, and a passenger terminal. These developments are poised to significantly elevate the airport’s capacity and functionality, catering to the growing demand for air travel in the region.

The enhanced infrastructure is expected to play an important role in facilitating increased tourist influx and bolstering the local economy.

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