Hanimaadhoo Boosts Tourism Push with New Land Allocation

The Hanimaadhoo Council has announced the allocation of 14 plots of land for tourism development. The plots, totalling 5,000 acres, are situated within the Hanimaadhoo Tourism Zone on the desirable north beach area of the village. This initiative aims to increase revenue for the council, reduce reliance on the government budget, boost employment opportunities, and develop a prosperous local community.

The bidding process will open on the 30th of this month at 1:00 PM. Businesses registered with the Ministry of Economic Development are eligible to participate, with a fee of MVR 1000/- required.

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Hanimaadhoo, with a population of over 2500 people, already has a growing guesthouse sector. The presence of Hanimaadhoo International Airport offers significant potential for tourism expansion. The airport’s redevelopment project further supports the goal of boosting tourism in the northern region and creating new economic opportunities.

This allocation follows a successful initiative last year where 12 plots were opened for tourism development. Ten thousand-acre plots were allocated for 40 years and 5,000-acre plots were allocated for 30 years, with 75 businesses expressing interest in these opportunities.

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