Hanimaadhoo International Airport Expands Operations with New Apron

Hanimaadhoo International Airport has inaugurated a new apron, enhancing its operational capacity. The apron was completed independently of the ongoing airport development project, which is funded by a loan from India’s Exim Bank and includes a new runway and modern terminal.

The Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL), which manages the airport, has shifted operations from the old apron to the newly constructed facility. The new runway received its inaugural flight from national carrier Maldivian on Sunday morning.

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RACL Managing Director Ahmed Mubeen explained that the apron was a strategic addition initiated by President Mohammed Muizzu to boost revenue generation. According to RACL, the 42,000-square-foot apron will be promoted as a jet parking facility, accommodating up to six jets simultaneously. Upon completion of the larger development project, the apron will function as an isolation bay.

The ongoing Hanimaadhoo airport development project aims to enable the airport to handle larger aircraft such as A320s and Boeing 737s, increase passenger capacity to 1.3 million annually, and provide fuel storage facilities.

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