Haroon Rasheed Assigned as the Managing Director of Agro National Corporation

The government of Maldives has established an Agro National Corporation to promote farming in the country and Haroon Rasheed has been assigned as the managing director of the Agro National Corporation.

The Agro National Corporation is operated under Maldives Fund Management Corporation as a subsidiary.

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Haroon Rasheed has stated that the corporation is currently working on hiring employees. He further added that the Ministry of Economic Development and Road Development Corporation employees are working temporarily with the corporation.

Haroon Rasheed has previously served as the G.A Atoll Council President. In addition to that, he was previously appointed as the Managing Director of SHR company and the manager of Antrac Maldives.

Haroon completed his MBA from Ruskin University, England.

Agro National Corporation was established to promote farming and to build a center where farmers can sell their products directly to the government at a good price.

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