HDC Announces CSR Opportunity for Developers; ‘Pocket Parks’ to Bring Life to Unused Spaces

Hulhumalé is driven towards modernization offering a dynamic environment where residents can interact through the open spaces. Open spaces as a key focus in the design of Hulhumalé, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has planned to develop pocket parks in specific areas of Hulhumalé Phase I, that will provide interactive and digital features for residents’ use.

These safe and inviting outdoor spaces offer a variety of user experiences, including a place to meet friends, eat out, take a break from shopping, or unwind after a long day at the office. Through development of these parks, neglected and blighted areas can be revitalized into more usable spaces.

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There are a total of 9 pocket parks in different areas of Phase I. These parks will have benches, commercial kiosk space, children’s play sets, bike pathways, Wi-Fi and charging stations among many other features. Each individual pocket park has different design concepts, depending on its size.

Pocket Parks encourage greater use of the outdoors by being attractive and accessible spaces; creating opportunities for relaxation, social engagement, and informal play; making a contribution to nurturing trees and vegetation and cooling the city.

In this regard, HDC is seeking partnerships with developers and business organizations to develop these parks according to the conceptual plans for community development in Hulhumalé. HDC states that it look forward to working together with developers and business organizations in achieving a mutually beneficial objective of placing community first in its corporate activities.

Interested parties can register via the following link: https://forms.gle/3UKeUoorhi2GsSmr5

Housing Development Corporation is a 100% state owned enterprise formed by a presidential decree, initially established in 2001. HDC undertakes and manages the overall planning and building of the reclaimed city of Hulhumalé, the Maldives’ biggest and most ambitious urban development project.

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