HDC Announces TOR for Community Urban Farming Project

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has announced the Terms of Reference for their Community Urban Farming project.

Earlier this month, HDC stated that preparations have begun to start the ‘Urban Farming Program’ in Hulhumale’ by next year. The program is aimed to provide the residents of Hulhumale’ with the opportunity to earn an additional income while being close to family.

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The program will be conducted with the collaboration of Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and UNDP.

The opportunity is open for 48 individuals where 40% of the slots are allocated for women while 30% is allocated for the disabled and youth and the remaining 30% open generally for all. Moreover, the participants of the program will be trained by HDC in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. HDC aims to start the program by the beginning of 2021 where the program is aimed to reduce the dependency for foreign food and beverage products and to develop such businesses within the country.

Read the TOR for Community Urban Farming project here.

Registration link:
11th October https://buff.ly/364eM2A
13th October https://buff.ly/3kGZd4Q

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