HDC Employees Distribute Eid Gifts for Children at Fiyavathi

Employees of Housing Development Corporation (HDC) distributed Eid gifts for children at Fiyavathi on Al’ha Eid, (31st July 2020).

After a fundraising event organized by the employees of HDC, they had presented the children at Fivayavathi with special Eid gifts. These gifts were distributed to the children on the evening of 31st July 2020.

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While Fiyavathi consists of 120 children, it looks after children aged between a few months to 13 years.

HDC often organizes social events for the community to celebrate different special occasions.

The Eid of 2020 has been significantly offbeat from the other Eid occasions due to the global pandemic. This year, Eid celebrations in the Maldives too, has been limited due to the virus. Although, some islands with no COVID cases have reportedly celebrated Eid.

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