HDC Extends Deferment of Rent Payment for June and July

30% deferment on all rent payments have been extended for the month of June and July, announced Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

Deferment on rent payments will be applicable when tenants request for the deferment before 31st of July, stated the company in a press statement.

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HDC said tenants have to fill the online application form in their main Hulhumale’ web portal to request for the deferment.

They also noted that tenants who have already submitted application for deferment for April and May does not have to re-submit the form for June and July.

Only tenants who have been paying rents on time regularly in the previous months will be applicable for the deferment. Also, HDC revealed that tenants can pay the 70% of rent in instalments till 15th August 2020.

Tenants can begin settling the deferred rent payments in November and is required to pay the usual monthly rent once the deferment period ends.

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