HDC Extends Open Invitation to Become a Smart City Partner

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) extends an open invitation to those interested in partaking in the currently ongoing smart city development program. This is the first project of its kind in the Maldives and launching a digital product or service through the partnership will allow businesses to run preliminary tests on a larger scale in contrast to alternative means. 

While HDC leads the establishment of the physical infrastructure that will enable a digitally connected city, the company believes that it is the people who will bring forth the digital products and services needed to improve the livability of the community. 

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Hulhumale’ is being developed as the first smart city of the Maldives. In doing so, the city will be elevated to an urban space that fosters growth, and sparks innovation. HDC believes that at the heart of a successful smart city lies people. As people tend to have a deeper understanding of one another, the company wishes to form partnerships with businesses of all scales to identify the needs of the community and develop corresponding solutions to address them. 

The smart city is deemed to connect the tech community, vendors, businesses, institutions and every member of the city to one another. Not only will it improve accessibility to both public and private services but also pave the way towards energy conservation, and revamp the healthcare system while providing more career opportunities. 

HDC envisions a city in which all the residents are able to move, work and fulfill their needs through efficient mechanisms that rely on modern technology. In the open invitation, the company extends a warm welcome to any tech-based pilot program that can be tested and scaled to serve the community. By partnering with HDC, individuals and businesses of all scales will be given equal opportunity to conduct conjoint research and development as well as work with like-minded people. 

Click on the link below and sign up to become a smart city partner.

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