HDC is Hiring Sales Agents for the First Time!

HDC is the largest real estate Corporation in the Maldives with a strong aim of advancement in the real estate industry. With numerous residential properties developed by HDC in the market, the company is looking for passionate sales agents to intercommunicate and expand the Corporation’s sales pipeline.

Selection Process
The process of becoming a Sales Agent is very simple, yet fruitful. Coming in as an interested Applicant, you will leave as a trained and professional Sales Agent.

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Role of sales agents
As a sales agent, you will work as an independent direct seller of the residential properties, acting on behalf of HDC. Agents are to communicate efficiently and accurately to potential clients, the market and the Corporation. It’s the Agent’s responsibility to be sufficiently educated of the residential properties allocated to them.
A proficient and professional sales process should be conducted and agents are expected to submit monthly sales report to HDC.

Performance evaluation
All Sales Agents will be evaluated once a year and Sales Agents will be scored on a star-rating basis, where each star weighs 10%. 50% of the total score will be determined by HDC and will be based on the number of sales closed within the agreement period. The other half of the score will be based on the rating and feedback provided by the buyers.
The total score will be calculated by combining the star ratings of HDC and the buyers. Buyers will be able to rate the agents via a booking portal – soon to be launched to the public.

The Benefits
The number one benefit for a Sales Agent is the very generous sales commission. The rate of the sales commission will be determined by HDC on a project basis and is to be paid to the Sales Agent as payments are disbursed to HDC.
Moreover, the training session that every Sales Agent undertakes provides invaluable information and knowledge that includes an extensive outlook on modern sales practice and a great understanding of the real estate law and regulations in the Maldives.
Being a Sales Agent also provides Applicants the opportunity and flexibility to work in their own time and schedule allowing them to work independently, part-time and from home, as preferred.

HDC & the Real Estate Industry: Advantages
With the appointment of Sales Agents, HDC aims to create a Real Estate Agent platform where Agents are created and introduced, and current Agents are further recognized.

HDC believes these first-time Sales Agents would be a valuable addition that would improve the functional activities of sales and maximize the value of the Corporation.

By creating this platform, HDC also hopes to contribute to the market by introducing new skills and talents who would be capable of building client networks and sustainable professional relationships. This would directly benefit the Sales Agents throughout their career, and this will also be an opportunity for other businesses and entrepreneurs looking to add value to their team and boost their sales component.

HDC welcomes all the best conversationalists and positive personalities to grab this opportunity and apply before 15th April 2021.

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