Health Ministry to host public health conference

Ministry of Health has announced plans to host a conference titled “National Conference on Revitalizing Public Health: Working Together for a Healthier Nation”.

The conference to take place from 4th-6th November and aims to highlight key areas within the public health sector to prioritize and sensitize policymakers on the need to invest in public health and inclusion of public/preventive health in all Policies.

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Speaking at a press conference held at Health Ministry, Minister Ameen said that the overall outcome of the conference would contribute to implementing the government’s policies and plans to strengthen public health and making the 2020 year of public health.

The Ministry of Health has also revealed the five themes for the conference.

The five key areas are:

  1. The role of individuals in public health
  2. Public health policies and expenditure
  3. Increasing public awareness and modern methods of disseminating information
  4. The prioritization of public health in the health sector
  5. Designing public health policies to accommodate current human resource capacity

The themes intend to give the necessary push to sufficiently increase awareness and public health expenditure. As per the Ministry, over 200 participants will attend the conference and both foreign and local experts will present relevant papers.

While highlighting the accomplishments of the health sector, Minister also said that the Maldives achieved higher than the standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in controlling and eradicating diseases.

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