Health Protection Agency Releases Travel Advisory

Health Protection Agency has released a travel advisory regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. This advisory was released due to the spread of the virus in several South Asian countries with some cases diagnosed in individuals that had not traveled to China where the COVID-19 was originated

They have been closely checking the state of COVID-19 and the rate at which it is spreading in different countries. HPA has announced seven countries to be precautious while traveling to seven countries. They are:

  1. Japan
  2. Singapore
  3. Hongkong
  4. South Korea
  5. Thailand
  6. Iran
  7. Italy
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They have also instructed the public to take precautious measures of the below-mentioned things while visiting foreign countries.

  1. Be informed of COVID-19 rates and the region it is reported to be spreading in the country of travel
  2. To keep a distance from people with fever and the common cold
  3. Use hand soap and hand sanitizers to wash hands as much as possible
  4. If any symptoms such as colds, coughs or fever occur after returning from a trip abroad, remain at home and seek medical advice if symptoms become more severe or do not improve

Health Protection Agency has further instructed to not hold social gathering events until the situation returns to normal.

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