Here To Keep You and Your Loved Ones Protected – Esterile Hand Sanitizers by ADK

ADK Trade & Shipping has introduced a new line of hand sanitizers by the brand Esterile. They now carry a wide range of wholesale products to keep you and your loved ones protected.

Details of the products are provided below. The prices indicated are exclusive of GST.

ProductUnitPrice per case
Hand Sanitizer Ethyl Alcohol 70.0%500ML24 BtlsMVR 1,080
Hand Sanitizer Alcohol 70%100ML120 BtlsMVR 2,040
Surface Disinfectant 75%500ML24 BtlsMVR 1,152
Alcohol Sanitizing Liquid 75%5 Liter04 BtlsMVR 1,698.11
Special Hand Wash500ML24 BtlsMVR 912
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