High Court Rules Against MMPRC in USD 2.5 Million Case

The High Court has ruled against the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) in its appeal to recover USD 2.5 million (MVR 38 million) from Millennium Capital Management Pvt Ltd.

The case dates back to a 2019 Civil Court ruling that found insufficient evidence to support MMPRC’s claim against Millennium Capital Management of failing to repay USD 2.5 million from a USD 5 million promissory note issued in 2014 and an additional loan of USD 1.5 million.

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Despite MMPRC’s appeal contending that the Civil Court’s decision was legally flawed, the High Court’s ruling on Tuesday stated that MMPRC did not convincingly demonstrate any legal inconsistencies in the previous verdict.

Furthermore, the High Court addressed the issue of new evidence presented by MMPRC during the appeal. MMPRC had introduced a document not submitted during the initial trial, requesting a retrial. However, the High Court declined to consider the new evidence or to order a retrial, noting that MMPRC had missed the opportunity to present the document during the original proceedings.

The High Court’s three-judge bench, comprising Judge Hassan Shafeeu (presiding judge), Chief Judge Hussain Shaheed, and Judge Mohamed Faisal, unanimously upheld the Civil Court’s verdict, ruling that no changes were necessary, affirming the decision in favour of Millennium Capital Management.

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