Hithadhoo Port Set for Major Transformation in Addu City

The Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has commenced discussions with international companies to spearhead the major development of Hithadhoo Port in Addu City. The initiative aims to transform the port and significantly bolster its capabilities.

CEO of MPL, Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim, held talks with senior executives from Hithadhoo Port, emphasizing the port’s potential for advancement following a major upgrade. He noted that despite being established 18 years ago, the port presently accommodates only smaller vessels. Mr. Ibrahim also criticized previous administrations for neglecting the port’s development, leaving it in a weakened state.

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Under the new plans, Hithadhoo Port will undergo significant enhancements to cater to the largest vessels. This includes the expansion of both the quay wall and the terminal. Furthermore, MPL is actively exploring the establishment of a fish hub within the port, with ongoing discussions with foreign partners to evaluate the hub’s viability within the Maldives.

In a move to boost port activity, MPL has also put in place a strategy to introduce bunkering services in Addu. Initially, the port’s quay wall will facilitate bunkering services for smaller vessels.

The comprehensive development of Hithadhoo Port signals MPL’s commitment to improving connectivity and commerce within Addu City, and across the wider Maldives.

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