Hithadhoo’s Coral Festival 2023 to Begin Friday Featuring a Range of Events & Activities

The Maldives Coral Institute has announced the program for its upcoming coral festival, which will take place at the Maldives National University Campus in Addu, Hithadhoo from 28th April to 30th. The festival is a celebration of the Maldives’ beautiful coral reefs and aims to educate and inspire people to take action to protect these precious ecosystems.

The festival program includes activities for people of all ages, and entrance to the festival is free of charge. Festival highlights include an interschool debate competition, workshops led by local and international NGOs, lessons in marine biology, screenings, and excursions to the unique ecosystems of Addu.

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Talks focusing on coral reefs will be given by prominent coral scientists such as Professor Callum Roberts of the University of Exeter, and Professor Madeleine Van Oppen from the University of Melbourne, as well as Maldivian experts and NGOs.
Families are encouraged to bring their children, as there will be lots of activities designed to appeal to children and young people.

“We are excited to announce the program for our upcoming coral festival,” said Aya Naseem, co-founder of the Maldives Coral Institute. “We believe that this festival will be a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about the importance of coral reefs, and to be inspired to take action to protect these vital ecosystems.”

For more information on the festival program and schedule, please visit the Maldives Coral Institute website at https://www.maldivescoral.org/events/coral-festival-2023.

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