“Hiyaa Flats” – Compartmentalized Aesthetics

By Azmyl Design House

“Hiyaa Flats”, the topic thats dominating the mental space of the majority of Maldivians recently. Though with good reason. Housing is a basic human right of every human. With the recent announcements of the “Hiyaa Flats” being awarded, ranging in the 570 sqft to 590 sqft, it got me thinking of the small spaces that we, sadly, have to fit our lives into. And what can be done through design to alleviate the problem.

Type 1 as shown by HDC
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The crux of the issue when it comes to small apartments is storage. Storage for small spaces has to be clever and creative. And that means getting the most out of every possible nook and cranny without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the space. Life in the “Hiyaa Flats” should not be an exception to easy comfortable living.

Another aspect to consider is furniture. Furniture that fits the spaces while being true to the overall theme of the apartment. For this, custom built furniture could be an essential go to method. And most of the time custom furniture is more durable, affordable. And of course the sentimental attachment that comes from having something that’s unique and beautiful.

Conceptual view from the living room of Type 1 at “Hiyaa Flats”

While the apartments at “Hiyaa Flat” may be small, there are design aspects that help the space look bigger. Lighter color themes mixed with well placed mirrors can give a larger than life illusion. Utilizing furniture to include storage, exploiting vertical spaces and corners to maximize the functionality of the space are a few more things that can be achieved while keeping a pleasing visual aesthetic in place.

Shelter is a basic human right and living comfortably in beautifully designed spaces is a necessary factor that helps us deal with a lot of issues that we face.

Conceptual view from the living room of Type 1 at “Hiyaa Flats”

About the author: Azmyl Design House is an Interior and Architectural design studio, based in the capital island Male’, that offer comprehensive design solutions for resorts, hotels and guesthouses, commercial and residential buildings in Maldives. The studio offers personalized services the target market desires and can afford, in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.

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