Home Minister Imran Says Jails Are Over Capacity by 30%

Imran Abdulla, Minister of Home Affairs, has stated that jails are now packed by an excess of 340 inmates.

The minister was summoned to the Parliament earlier today, and during a line of questioning, revealed that the number of those that are currently in jail is roughly 1700. The full capacity of the correction services is only 1360 prisoners, meaning that the surplus is about 30% of the total capacity.

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Furthermore, Imran expressed his concern over the predicted spike in sentenced convicts in the near future. He predicted that if 10% of the number of current court cases resulted in a prison sentence, jails would see a rise in about 400 more occupants on top of this.

Imran asserted that if the trend persists, the country will then have to find an efficient way to deal with this issue.

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