Honouring Dedication and Unity: Alia Celebrates Annual Staff Night 2023

Alia Investments Pvt Ltd recently hosted its Annual Staff Night 2023 at Kurumba Maldives, commemorating its 59th year of service. The event served as an expression of gratitude and a reflection of the company’s commitment to nurturing a positive work culture. With approximately 270 employees in attendance, the evening highlighted the company’s dedication to its diverse and dedicated team.

The awards presented during the event included recognitions such as the “Most Promising Newcomer Award,” “Most Contributing Popular Staff Award,” “10 Years Service Award,” and the “Superior Service Award.” These accolades acknowledged the diverse levels of dedication and potential exhibited by employees. The awards showcased the growth and journey of these individuals within the organization, reinforcing Alia’s appreciation for the contributions of each employee to its overall success.

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The event also featured engaging staff performances that added an element of enjoyment and shared experiences among the attendees.

As part of its annual tradition, the company bestowed the esteemed Hajj Award to a staff member who demonstrated exceptional contributions to the organization. This year, the honor went to Ms. Latheefa Ahmed, a Senior Sales Manager at Yamaha, who has devoted over two decades to the company.

The Annual Staff Night 2023 encapsulated the notion that every employee plays a vital role in cultivating a thriving and appreciative work environment, exemplifying the interconnected nature of the workforce.

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