Hotel Asia has been Opened with Increased Business Opportunities

The event is being held at Dharubaaruge where the Hotel Asia culinary challenge was initiated with a wide range of business opportunities. The event will be held till this Friday.

The event was inaugurated by the former president of Maldives Traders Association and famous businessman, Mr Gasim Ibrahim. He has played a major role during the beginning of business trade fairs in the Maldives. He outlined that, it is an honour to get the opportunity to inaugurate Hotel Asia event. And that, it is an opportunity for interested businesses to buy products.

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“The business fairs had first been held during the start of the Maldives business association. This event is a series of events” as said by Mr Gasim Ibrahim, a co-founder of Maldives business association.

Hotel Asia is being held since 2000. This is the 14th Hotel Asia event. 250 companies from 46 countries around the world will participate in the event. These companies will display products of over 2000 brands. Best Buy Maldives (BBM) is the main sponsor of the event who has sponsored the event for several years which currently supplies unique products for local businesses as well as high-class resorts which includes various products of the famous Unilever brand.

Other sponsors include Evo Home as the culinary equipment sponsor, TTS Maldives as the logistics partner and Retrea as the Uniform partner while Event Maldives and Asaree Services are the event partners. Moreover, the official magazine partner is Hotelier Maldives and Avas is the online partner while Dhiraagu is the official telecom partner.

The director of Maldives Exhibition and Conference Services (MECS), Mr Mohamed Jameez said that, with the increased business opportunities, while full capacity of Dharubaaruge is being used with a total of 160 stalls. He said, “The fair is a spot where all needed products can be found”.

International Culinary Challenge is one of the specialities of the event which will be judged by judges of World Association of Chef’s Societies (World Chef’s-WAC). 550 contestants challenged in the last event while in this year, there are 620 contestants among whom there are 70 resorts.

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