Housing Ministry Discloses 40,000 Applications for Gedhoruveriya and Binveriya Phase Two

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure has published a list containing the names, addresses, islands, and application form numbers of individuals applying for flats and land plots in the second phase of the Gedhoruveriya and Binveriya housing schemes.

The ministry intends to publish the list to confirm the receipt of applications through the Gedhoruverin portal. Applicants not listed are required to submit their information by 1400hrs on November 30.

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During the one-month application period, the ministry received over 40,000 submissions for the second phase, which involves the allocation of 4,000 land plots and 6,000 flats in the Greater Male’ Region. Specifically, 19,347 individuals applied for land under the Binveriya scheme, and 21,247 applied for flats under the Gedhoruveriya scheme before the deadline.

For the second phase of the Binveriya scheme, an area spanning 5.5 million square feet from Giraavaru Falhu and Giraavaru Uthuru Falhu has been designated for land plots, starting from the smallest plot of 1,250sqft. Additionally, 400 sqft will be added for each participant in a joint application. If more than seven individuals sign a joint application, they will receive a land plot with a maximum size of 4,000 sqft.

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